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A Romantic Valentine’s and the Best Sunset Views in Phuket

Romantic Sunset

As you and your partner stroll up to the romantic restaurant hand-in-hand along the Chalong Pier in Phuket. The restaurant staff ushered us toward our private candlelit dining area set up overlooking the tranquil Andaman Sea. Where we started to celebrate our special Valentine’s Day with an intimate sunset dinner on this picturesque and Thai beach.

The table set for two featured a pristine white tablecloth, rose petals sprinkled around fine china and crystal stemware that glimmered in the golden hour light. You can experience the golden hour light at any given day at KEP by booking a table with us to experience great food and a nice cozy atmosphere with amazing staff.

We settled into the embroidered pillows on the bamboo couch and gazed out upon the horizon, where the setting sun brushed bright pink and orange clouds with dazzling colors. The gentle rhythm of the tide gegen for our five-course feast, perfectly paired with French champagne. We clinked our glasses, toasting to love as the sunset cast a pastel glow across the sky.

Romantic Dancing
Romantic Dancing

Our personal waiter presented the first course, a tangy mango and pomelo salad tossed in a zesty chilli dressing. The sweet juice of the fruits and burst of heat from the Thai chillies awoke our palates. Next came an aromatic Thai seafood curry brimming with tender squid, shrimp and shells stewed in a rich, velvety coconut milk broth. The flavors were sublime.

As we dined on the beach, the sunset sky transformed, glowing ever more vibrant. Streaks of tangerine and fuchsia painted the underside of scattered clouds. The sea before us was a gradient from pale green to deep teal, reflecting the vivid evening light. Tiny fishing boats bobbed gently in a line along the horizon.

Next was a refreshing coconut and lemongrass sorbet, its cool sweetness contrasting beautifully with the spicy curry. For the main course, we were presented a whole lobster coated in garlic butter, served alongside jasmine rice and stir fried morning glory. I savored the lobster’s sweet succulence as I watched the russet sun sink closer toward the sea’s edge.

Romantic Dinner
Romantic Dinner

In the mystic twilight, our waiter illuminated candle lamps on our table while the beach grew darker. We could hear the faint sound of acoustic guitar and ukulele as a band played romantic songs at a nearby beach bar. The candlelight set an intimate glow over our table as we gazed into one another’s eyes. No words were needed in this moment.

As the last fiery embers of daylight surrendered to a purple nightfall, the glittering heavens opened up above in wondrous display. Orion’s belt shone brightly beside a crescent moon. Shooting stars darted across the vast expanse.

Our final course was a decadent Belgian chocolate cake with raspberry coulis and vanilla bean ice cream. We fed each other spoonfuls, savoring the exquisite combination of flavors. As a magical evening climax, our waiter surprised us with a bottle of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque champagne.

KEP Valentines
KEP Valentines

We made a toast beneath the dazzling night sky, the sand between our toes, thankful for love. This was a Valentine’s Day we would never forget. If you did not book your table, well I guess you will have to wait until the next years extravaganza. But if you want to experience the beautiful and amazing sunset, then stop by at KEP any day we are here waiting for you. Or if you would like to book in Advance just give us a call or an email with dates that you would like to book a table with us.

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