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An Exhilarating Taste at the Best of Phuket at KEP

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Must-Visit Exclusive Diner

KEP restaurant resides along the white sandy Rawaii beaches in Phuket. KEP immerses you in elegance with its mood lighting, intricate interiors, and enclosed tropical garden. Its beachfront location blends luxury and coastal charm. Its like home away from home and gives you the feeling of being back at your family farmhouse having a nice family and friends holiday dinner, while watching the sunset.

But the true highlight at KEP is the critically-acclaimed, award-winning food. Drawing inspiration from molecular gastronomy, the menu artfully fuses Thai and Western flavors and textures, creating dishes that will dazzle your taste buds. Named one of Best Restaurants, KEP’s inventive culinary creations are not to be missed.

KEP tantalizes with unique dishes like scallop carpaccio with frozen passionfruit and lime caviar, showcasing the fresh seafood sourced from local fishermen. Also try the snapper wrapped in betel leaves with burnt chili jam or the famous “cereal milk” dessert – a sweet corn flakes blend with milk ice cream and corn mousse.

This acclaimed restaurant along Chalong Pier excels at inventive flavors, like the cereal milk dessert, counted among the best to emerge from this must-visit destination.

Must-Visit Pier restaurant

KEP boasts an extensive wine list expertly paired with Chef Bo’s inventive dishes. Indulge in natural wines, bespoke cocktails or premium sakes – true gastronomic to perfection. No matter your taste preferences, KEP’s talented team will impress you with flawless service and creative visuals to match the progressive flavors that wow your palate. Here you will enjoy some of the freshest and most delicacy cuisines in Phuket.

This exclusive diner delights all guests with exceptional food, live music, and attentive service – the must-visit spot to unwind from busy schedules. A new band or singer performs weekly, letting you lose yourself in beautiful vocals and top-notch entertainment after a long day. Come one and all to relax over amazing dishes while talented musicians lend their talents to create an evening of good food, good music and good company.

Must-Visit Chalong Pier Restaurant


For those with an adventurous spirit seeking inspiration and excitement through food, KEP Phuket delivers a must-visit extraordinary experience under the helm of Thailand’s most daring and celebrated chef. The Chef’s magic reaches its pinnacle at his flagship beachside KEP restaurant, where he continues to push boundaries and reinvent Thai cuisine in unexpectedly delightful ways.

From the moment you walk through the doors, his intricate molecular-inspired dishes will dazzle both your eyes and your tastebuds flavors fuse in perfect harmony as your palate discovers new ways to appreciate and enjoy the delicious Thai food.

Much more than a meal, dining at KEP feels like performance art as you watch dishes emerge from the kitchen as vibrant, edible canvases. Chef’s passion for the craft is contagious, his relentless creativity manifesting as bite after bite of revelation. The intimate, beachfront setting only amplifies the experience – as ocean breezes filter through open windows, each course tells a story through Chef’s avant-garde culinary vision.

The menu offers adventure for the culinarily curious. Combining fresh seafood from local fishermen with cutting-edge techniques, he toys with temperatures, textures and flavors that deliciously challenge expectations at every turn.

Let KEP sweep you up on a journey led by one of Thailand’s most daring chefs – where the familiar is reinvented, boundaries dissolve, and once-held notions of Thai cuisine will evolve through tantalizing surprise. An experience this extraordinary will linger, imprinted deliciously on the memory, long after leaving gorgeous Phuket behind until, hungrier still, you find yourself eagerly returning for more of Chef’s singular magic.

For the passionate gastronome, no trip to Thailand feels complete without a taste of KEP’s inspiring fare under the guidance of the Chef. Come and enjoy the must-visit freshest food on your trip with friends and family while on vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

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