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World-Class Design at KEP Restaurant in Phuket

KEP Seasonal Decor

World-Class Decor

While in Phuket if you are looking for a world-class dining experience in Phuket that goes far beyond just the food, KEP Restaurant should be at the top of your list. This exceptional palace diner will make you feel as though you are back home on your grandmother’s patio deck enjoying the summer season. This stunning beachfront restaurant has garnered international acclaim not just for its mouthwatering Thai cuisine, but for its breathtaking design that blends traditional elements with modern style. It has gained recognition far and wide, and we are here in Phuket to make sure you enjoy the modern style and calmness of the diner.

Located along the tranquil pier of Chalong, KEP transports diners to a secluded paradise the moment they step through the entrance. The overall design concept was styled by a Phuket-based architectural firm, which drew inspiration from the rich heritage of Thailand’s southern regions. Including wood detailing surrounding the pristine Andaman Sea, the palm trees throughout the island, and even the calm blue ocean surrounding it.

Main Entrance of KEP
Main Entrance of KEP

One of the first things that strikes you about KEP is the grand teak wood entrance gate, intricately carved in a style reminiscent of traditional Thai temples. Once you arrive at the pristine restaurant you will be taken aback by the intricate decor and smooth gust of wind that is coming from the Andaman Sea. You will find yourself in a leafy garden courtyard with a large sandpit in the center, this immense area is great for children to run around and play when there is not a live event that is taking place in the yard area. This area evokes a sense of the beachy pier just steps away.

The main dining pavilions are designed to resemble traditional southern Thai housing with steep gabled roofs and exposed wooden beams. This gives the inside seating area a minimalistic setting, with calmness to the scenery outside, letting customers enjoy the quietness of the restaurant and its beauty. However, the intricate detailing gives it a distinctly modern feel that creates a rustic yet refined aesthetic for all to enjoy, giving visitors the chance to enjoy photo opportunities.

Floor-to-ceiling bi-folding glass doors allow the ocean breezes and sounds of the waves to permeate the dining room, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor. The live music and bands that constantly pump out music, along with the DJ that pumps calm music throughout the week. When the doors are open, it’s easy to imagine you’re dining in a luxurious beachside cabana.

One of the most impressive design features is the massive chandelier suspended from the double-height ceiling over the main dining area. The inside cabana lets you relax more and be in tune with the surrounding destination of the diner. You can enjoy fun fruity drinks along with some cocktails for those who are up for more of an adult time at the diner. At night, integrated lighting causes the twisted driftwood pieces to cast dramatic shadows across the ceiling and walls, giving you a smooth and subtle atmosphere to relax and dine for luxury dinners, honeymoons, or anniversaries.

In the outdoor areas, polished concrete and wood platforms blend seamlessly with the sandy beach. The low lounge seating areas are arranged under breezy over-sized canvas umbrellas, letting customers enjoy the events from the outside dining area providing idyllic nooks to enjoy cocktails at sunset or an after-dinner drink. Custom wood furnishings and plush fabrics in neutral tones of sand and ocean blue evoke the colors of the beach mere steps away. Giving visitors the ultimate views of the sun setting on the pier while enjoying the night.

While the design aesthetic is undeniably chic and sophisticated, KEP maintains an approachable, barefoot-luxury vibe. Visitors will be immersed in some of the best luxury seating and dining on this side of Phuket. Fun atmosphere and delicacy from food to drinks, and everyone can enjoy their time at the diner while on vacation in Phuket. Aiming to showcase the beauty of traditional Thai architecture and craftsmanship in a fresh, contemporary way, this destination feels both luxurious and connected to its idyllic seaside setting.

Whether you go for mouthwatering Thai cuisine, sip cocktails and watch the sunset, listen to live bands, or just simply want to admire the stunning architecture and design, KEP offers an unparalleled dining experience in Phuket. To experience the stunning aroma and feel of KEP Phuket, book your tables with us via our social media, email, phone call, or our website. We look forward to here from you.

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