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Nutritious Breakfast for Your Best Morning

KEP breakfast

Morning mood at KEP

Morning mood and breakfast is very essential for everyone. Today will be amazing or not is somewhat depends on it. So, your mind should be clear and your body should have the energy to start a great day.  At KEP, we ensure that both your mind & body will be restored vitality. You can sit facing the Andaman Sea and enjoy the view of the sunrises filling your morning energy and starting a great day. The restaurant has a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a great source of lighting and an open space that will give you the most pleasing morning mood.

You can breathe in the fresh air of the sea and breathe out your tension. While having breakfast, you can write down your to-do list for the day and prepare ahead. You may chill alone or spend time with your partner together. The morning vibe at KEP is very peaceful and soothing. This atmosphere will give you the energy to begin a wonderful day.

Healthy & Nutritious 

A good healthy meal can power you up throughout your day. KEP’s breakfasts are designed to be healthy & nutritious. Every plate is prepared to be nutritious and balanced of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins keeping you full and focused until lunchtime. Ingredients and vegetables are local and fresh which is beneficial for your health. 

KEP's breakfast cover

Mush-try dishes for breakfast

Like their other dishes, KEP offers a variety of breakfast options to suit different tastes and preferences. Kep has three types of breakfast menus which are egg-bassed dishes, croissants, and toasts. You may order from a breakfast menu at any time of day, whether for breakfast or brunch.

Egg-based breakfast

You can choose a variety of egg-based breakfast dishes at KEP.  If you want to include all the nutrition in your breakfast and eat like an emperor, Emperor Breakfast is the most suitable for you.  When you order it, you can ask to prepare eggs as your favorite cooking style too. It has grilled bacon, sausage, and sourdough bread which will give you a nice protein boost.  It is a well-balanced meal for health that also includes vegetables like stuffed tomatoes, sautéed spinach & champignon mushrooms, baked beans, and sautéed potatoes. Choose Emperor breakfast if you want to get the best nutrient in the morning. 

If you love seafood and want to try sea-inspired breakfast, try Posideon Omelette which contains a classic soft omelet with king prawn, crab meat, and Andaman squid. It is also served with mixed salad & roasted organic tomatoes. This dish will be the best choice for the seafood lover who would like to taste the real freshness.  Another recommendation is Royal Crab Cake Benedict which is made of potato cake consisting of local blue swimmer crab served with 2 poached eggs and choron sauce. 

KEP's Toast breakfast

KEP Open Toast

If you are more of a bread person, KEP Open Toast will be more suitable for you. For those who love meat, try seared rib-eye caramelized onion crostini. It will super boost your morning power with Sourdough bread that contains Australian wagyu beef with teriyaki sauce & roasted vegetables. You may feel the softness & tenderness of Australian Wagyu beef as soon as you bite into it. Teriyaki sauce adds the perfect taste to the flavor. Another recommendation is  Roasted chicken & Capcicum crostini which is prepared with chicken breast with pesto sauce & roasted vegetables and served with sourdough bread.

You can also taste the flavor of the Andaman sea in the toast with dry-aged fish, roasted vegetables & caviar crostini.  If you are looking for a more lightweight meal without meat, you can try the roasted mixed vegetables crostini. 

KEP's breakfast croissant


You can smell the creamy butter of a well-prepared croissant at KEP restaurant. A flaky golden-brown top crackles as you bite into it, and inside are delicate, light layers with no doughiness. You can select the scrambled egg croissant with egg, Buffalo mozzarella & bacon which you will feel full. If you want to try something new taste, try a dry-aged fish croissant. It contains Andaman white fish 7 days dry aged and an orange sabayon sauce.

KEP breakfast drink

Juices & Coffees for Breakfast

Kep offers fresh juices, fruit shakes, and KEP signature smoothies. Try orange Juice or lime juice to refresh your mind. We recommend watermelon, mango, and pineapple fruit shakes if you like fresh fruits. Coffee is the kind of essential for breakfast especially if you are a coffee lover. KEP offers classic coffees. You can select iced or hot coffees. You can also choose hot chocolate and a hot matcha latte as a hot beverage. Also, try the KEP signature coffees such as strawberry cold brew and orange black coffee that will freshen your mind. 

You can also host business breakfasts at KEP with a large space seating for about 150 people max. With a diverse menu featuring both healthy & nutritious, a calm & charming atmosphere makes KEP the best place to visit for breakfast or brunch.  KEP is the must-go place to start your day with full energy & power. Visit KEP & enjoy the healthy and delicious breakfast and breathtaking panorama of the Andaman Sea in the morning. 

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