KEP Family Dinner

Weddings in Phuket

Fully customizable private events with incredible decorations, a delicious menu, and tropical natural surroundings. Here at KEP Phuket, we have experts who can help you customize your special event. Whether it’s an intimate beach wedding or a corporate retreat, KEP is here to help you achieve the beauty and serenity you are looking for, for your events.

When you choose KEP we will make sure that you are satisfied and content with your booking and decor. From the flowers to the designs to the final preparations for the final event. All are designed to complement our lush tropical setting, along with your event.

live Music

Birthdays in Phuket

Exciting birthday celebrations ensure everything you can think of to make this meaningful day truly memorable. Here at KEP celebrating your birthday with the best scenery along the pier.

You can see the beautiful sunset and enjoy the live music as well while enjoying your birthday dinner and party. We have food for everyone including kids, so you can book kid’s birthday parties as well.

There is plenty of space to enjoy dancing, running, and even games. Celebrating your birthday at KEP is one for the books. With the sunsets and all of the space for decorations and big party tables, you can have some of the most amazing birthdays here with us at KEP. There is plenty of space and plenty of food to choose from when choosing this outdoor restaurant.

Horizon Weddings

Concerts in Phuket

Great location to hold concerts with 1000+ guests, with available stage, lights and sound setup, seating, and yummy buffets. You can specialize and customize your dinner menu with some of the best food that is on our menus. Here at KEP Phuket, we want you to enjoy your events and parties here with us.

We are here to help design and cater your awesome events. If you are looking to prepare or hold any events at KEP please contact us here on our contact page. We are here to answer all of your questions and help you plan an event. So contact us now for any future bookings, we are here waiting for you, to explore the best vacation.