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Your Ultimate Live Music Destination

Rocks & Blues Music Festival at KEP

If you are looking for a symphony of flavors and melodies in Phuket, KEP is the place you might be seeking. KEP is a must-visit restaurant for all music lovers out there who would like to avoid busy and crowded places and enjoy the melodies and vibes peacefully.  At KEP, There is live music almost every night and sometimes there are special exclusive events.

 It is the hidden treasures located near the  Chalong Pier just along the Andaman Sea shores. Once you have arrived at KEP, the Andaman Sea is just in front of you welcoming with the scenic nature.

Piano music at KEP

Musical Ambiance

What sets KEP apart is its unique ambiance. The venue blends modern elegance and intimate charm, making it ideal for live music. Soft lighting, comfy seats, and a tiny stage offer a pleasant atmosphere in which to fully immerse yourself in the tune of the live concert.
With wide and open-air space, the ocean breeze will gently blow and carry the notes of the song in the air making you feel cool down. It is also a cozy and quite chilling environment.

There are also special comfy lounge chairs to sit back and relax with your partners or friends watching the beauty of the Andaman Sea. Not only is the view impressive, but KEP’s interior and exterior designs are also aesthetically pleasing, with light wood accents. 

At night, KEP transforms into a soothing and romantic environment with the perfect arrangement of light setting. Occasionally, the performer takes song requests, giving you a chance to dance with your partner to your favorite tune too. The dynamic environment ensures that every visit to KEP offers something new and exciting.

Jazz & Blues Music event at KEP

Night of the Melodies

Live concert mostly starts around 7 P.M. So, you can start enjoying the live concert by having an early dinner. Each night provides a unique musical experience, as KEP features a variety of bands and genres throughout the week. On some nights, You can peacefully listen to the gentle sounds of the piano performance while watching sunsets. On other nights, you might find yourself vibing with the Blues & Soul music or chilling to the smooth rhythms of jazz songs. 

Occasionally, KEP announces special events such as “Latin Dance Night” with a guest professional instructor. Depending on the musical performance, the ambiance can shift to a dance floor with disco lights. To ensure you get the best musical enjoyment,  follow KEP’s social media page or inquire via live chat on the website or by telephone to check what will be performed today.

With the advantages of its wide venues and spaces, KEP frequently hosts special events and concert festivals too. KEP also creates a special “Concert & Dinner” night for festive days like Valentine’s Day. In 2023, KEP even hosted Phuket’s Jazz & Blues music festival. These events make KEP an excellent choice for music lovers seeking a high-quality musical experience in a lovely setting.

live music on day light at KEP

Unforgettable Evenings

One of the most talked-about aspects of KEP is the energy that fills the air during our live concert nights. The artist’s connection with the crowd is real, resulting in an energizing environment that leaves an eternal impression. It’s not just about the music. It’s about sharing the pleasure of spending time together and enjoying something lovely. Enjoying a delicious meal while listening to live music adds an extra layer of pleasure to your evening.

Your dinner will be more than just a meal. It will be an experience filled with the rhythms of live music and the flavors of expertly prepared dishes. The combination of exceptional cuisine and outstanding musical performances makes KEP a standout destination in Phuket. Join us at the magic of KEP, where every night is a celebration of melody and ambiance. Your dinner will be filled with melodies, flavors, and memories at KEP. Book now to get your favorite tables. Create the most memorable memories and enjoy the best musical dining experiences at KEP

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