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Ideal Dinner Date at KEP with Stunning View

Are you looking for the nicest restaurant with a romantic setting, scenic view, and a delicious menu? You can get all those advantages at KEP.  It is an ideal location for those who are seeking the perfect date with long-lasting memories and wonderful experiences. 

KEP's night mode for dinner date

An enchanting setting for lovely date

KEP provides a sensation of calm and relaxation. Located on the oceanfront near Chalong Pier, this restaurant has the greatest view. The golden hours of sunset at KEP provide the most breathtaking landscape. That period is ideal for a dinner date. When the sun sets over the Andaman Sea horizon, the sky becomes vibrantly colored, as do the gorgeous clouds. The sea mirrors the color of the sky, creating the most magnificent scenery. At that point, the ocean breeze will pass, leaving you feeling peaceful and cozy. 

You may see the yachts and boats sailing in the Andaman Sea which add elements to the romantic setting. The sound of the tides washing against the shores makes Mother Nature’s rhythmic tune. There is no perfect time than this moment to raise your glasses with your partner and share words of love while watching the extraordinary sunsets. 

KEP’s romantic ambiance stays fascinating from sunset to starlight, providing the perfect atmosphere for your evening time. The night mode of KEP also creates a dream-like atmosphere with the exquisite arrangement of the Chandelier and many kinds of light sources.  Dining at KEP at night also gives you a unique touch. The golden colors of the light give you a warm and luxurious feeling. Not just a date, you can also make a most unexpected proposal setting at KEP.  You can contact us for special table arrangements and settings if you need specific requirements.

KEP's memories and date

Special Moments

Sometimes moments make memories. Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy every moment when dining at KEP. This way, you will create special memories. The environment is also good to break the silence and start a conversation. KEP’ calm and soothing atmosphere will help you relax the tension in both of you. Turn off your phones, pay attention to your partner, and enjoy the view and enjoy the vibe together. You can snap some shots for your partner on the beautiful night.

The live music at KEP brings an extra element to the setting and makes the dinner date more memorable. KEP informs the live band’s schedule ahead of time so you may plan accordingly with your partner. We recommend the Sunset Piano, which usually performs on Sunday nights. You can enjoy the talented pianist’s performances while having a deep conversation with your partner. If you two are music lovers, make sure to have the front seat. Famous singers frequently come to perform at KEP. You can even dance with your partner when the singer gives you a chance. Don’t miss the chance and create a memory that will last forever.

date night at KEP

Love in Every Bite

There is a saying that “Nothing brings people together than good food.” You will also love the KEP food in every bite. KEP’s well-prepared meals will provide you with the best taste for your lovely date. No need to worry about dietary restrictions.KEP has a wide selection of dishes to suit every preference. You can choose from Mediterranean cuisine, Japanese meals, or European favorites like pasta and pizza, making it easy even if your partner is picky. 

After dinner, you can chill and relax with the KEP live music while enjoying a drink. Wine or cocktails is the best pick for the dinner date. KEP’s cocktails are creative and tasty which is recommended by many visitors on Google reviews. KEP offers a variety of beverages from fruit shakes to cocktails. It also has non-alcoholic options such as coffees, mocktails, and smoothies.  

You will feel special because of KEP’s top-notch services and friendly staff who are ready to assist you in planning your dream date. Make sure to book your tables ahead to feel special and don’t have to wait too long for your ideal spots. KEP’s Ocean view with the nicest sunsets and the most delicious meals will enhance your dinner date. Start your love journey at KEP which will last forever.

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