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Enjoy Exceptional Grilled Dishes

Grilled dishes at KEP

Craving the finest grilled dishes paired with an unforgettable ambiance? There is no place better than KEP. This restaurant is a haven for enthusiasts of grilled dishes, offering an irresistible choice of grilled delights. You’ll be enchanted not only by the delectable flavors but also by the peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant. The is also a wide choice of grilled dishes from beef to seafood. At KEP, you’ll savor a comprehensive and satisfying dining experience that’s sure to impress.

Types of grilled dishes

When it comes to grilled beef, you can choose a wide selection of dishes featuring your favorite cuts, including ribeye, short ribs, lamb racks, or tenderloin. Beyond beef, you can choose from a range of meats for grilling, such as chicken, seafood, and pork. We mainly use charcoal grill which not only enhances the flavor profile but also offers health benefits. Charcoal-grilled meat tends to have less fat and retains more nutrients which is good for brain function and energy production. Also, charcoal grilling can help to break down the proteins in your food, making it easier to digest.

Grilled Meat

KEP sources its beef directly from New Zealand and Australia for specific dishes. If you want to experience grilled steak with intense flavors, tenders, and juicy texture, you should try the grilled ribeyes dish at KEP. This dish features rib-eye steak from Australia, where the cattle are grain-fed. Grain-fed beef also has more marbling than grass-fed beef, which contributes to its flavor and tenderness. The steak is perfectly grilled with charcoal, producing a smoky and rich flavor. For those who prefer other meats, KEP also offers Charcoal Grilled Chicken Breast and Pork Chop, both providing unique tastes and complete satisfaction.

Grilled vegetable options

Not just for meat lovers, KEP also caters to those who enjoy their greens. KEP grilled plates are served with grilled vegetables primarily tomatoes.  If you want to choose grilled vegetables as a main dish, there is a charcoal-grilled summer vegetable plate, an ideal choice for vegans. You can also order grilled vegetables separately as a side dish. Grilled vegetables retain vitamins and minerals and produce the natural sweetness of the vegetables. The plate is also an ideal choice for vegans. The ingredients and vegetables used in the dishes are also fresh and healthy as KEP sourced them from local organic farms. It is a healthy plate that is grilled with herbs and olive oils.

Grilled Seafood

Seafood grilled dishes are also popular at KEP featuring options like tuna, Salmon, and various seafood. For those who are looking for fresh grilled seafood, we have the Grilled Andaman Plate which is served with the chef’s selection of today’s freshest seafood. It usually includes King pawns, crabs, and squids. It is family-sized and you can share it with your family and friends. Another popular dish is the Charcoal-Grilled Dry-Aged Fish, featuring 7-day dry-aged Coral Trout grilled with vegetables. Additionally, the Prawn & Squid Skewers BBQ is a standout dish, consisting of sea prawns fitted in Andaman squid and grilled over charcoal, served with saffron rice and coconut curry sauce.

Grilled seafood


No grilled dish is complete without the perfect sauce. Store-bought sauces are often higher in sugar and may add unnecessary calories. At KEP, we offer homemade sauce to pair with your grilled dishes. With eight different choices, you can find the perfect match for your grilled dish, enhancing the flavors without compromising on health.

Menu and Dining Experience

The KEP menu is user-friendly, categorizing main charcoal grilled dishes and their side dishes. It also separates dishes that can be shared with a partner or friends. Grilled dishes can be specifically requested for private parties. Guests can enjoy watching the grilling process on charcoal stoves outside the party area. We are really careful in choosing the best for our customers. We use quality meats and also take vegetables are also from the local organic farm. Our resident chef’s unique blend of spices and marinades used in the grilling process ensures a burst of flavor in every bite for a flavorful dining experience.

Chef's making the best grilled dishes

If you are a fan of grilled dishes and beautiful settings, KEP is the perfect destination. With a diverse menu, fresh ingredients, and a commitment to excellence, we guarantee a dining experience like no other. So, don’t wait to book the table today and enjoy the best KEP has to offer.

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