Private Birthday Party

Exclusive Private Birthday Celebration at KEP

celebrate your private birthday at KEP

Your birthday is your most special day. Why not celebrate it in a special place? Imagine having a private party in a charming restaurant that offers beautiful decorations and a breathtaking sea view. You’ll feel like the superstar of your special day. At KEP, you can turn your dream birthday celebration into a reality.

Ideal Birthday Venue

KEP restaurant is ideal for private parties and dinner nights. We have a large venue that can hold a maximum of 160 people and enough space for guests to walk around freely. So, it can comfortably accommodate all your guests, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large celebration.

The open-air setting allows the cool sea wind to circulate throughout the restaurant. This breeze also makes guests calm and relaxed. The outdoor space also reduces the possibility of noise echoing and prevents guests from feeling overwhelmed. The restaurant’s decor is stunning and complements any private events and gatherings. Its distinctive appearance is due to the combination of modern architecture with traditional wood.

KEP restaurant has a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that aligns with the theme or vibe of any ideal birthday party. If you choose to have your party in the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning transition from day to night. Located just a stone’s throw from the Andaman Sea, the restaurant offers a scenic backdrop for your special day. Guests may sit back and relax while overlooking the beauty of the Andaman Sea.

For those who enjoy a more relaxed setting, our venue offers beautiful, comfortable seating areas where guests can socialize and enjoy the stunning views. The beautiful colors of the sunset reflected on the water create a memorable scene, giving a wonderful touch to your party.

Its serene and cheery atmosphere is also ideal for a celebratory occasion. Raise a glass of champagne and start dancing under the stars or moonlight.KEP’s night setting provides a unique and delightful touch. It’s also perfect for taking birthday photographs and creating long-lasting memories. 

celebrating birthday at KEP

Exceptional Birthday Experiences

Planning a birthday party should not be exhausting but fun. Our team is here to make your birthday memorable and hassle-free. We assist in planning every detail of your celebration, from selecting catering menus to customizing birthday cakes. KEP offers adjustable birthday themes and personalization.  KEP has everything you need to make your party truly memorable. Enjoy top-notch entertainment options, including stages, sound systems, advanced lighting, and spacious dance floors. 

You can make your birthday more engaging by adding fun birthday activities and games. Combine this with outstanding entertainment, such as a live band or an engaging DJ set, and your unforgettable celebration will be remembered for a lifetime. You will be taken care of by the professional and friendly staff who provide excellent service throughout the event.  From greeting your guests to ensuring that everything runs smoothly, our team is dedicated to making your birthday celebration a success.

variety of meals at KEP

Diverse Meal Selection

You can choose from a diverse selection of buffet menus from our restaurant. From Andaman Sea treats to Mediterranean and Western cuisines, KEP has a wide selection of meals to suit every taste. We provide a range of special meals, including a seafood buffet and other options. You may also add cocktails and drinks to your birthday treats. 

All the meals are delicious and fresh as their ingredients are sourced from organic farms and seafoods from local fishermen. KEP consistently provides high-quality food and beverage services, with customizable menus to accommodate dietary preferences and requirements for your guests.

KEP frequently gets positive reviews and has a strong reputation for hosting successful events. You can contact us for more information and inquiries via our live chat or phone call. Be prepared to enjoy your next amazing birthday. 

Choosing the right venue is important to make your birthday more wonderful and amazing. With its spacious venue, wide menu selections, and top-notch services, KEP could be the perfect place for your private birthday party. The night at KEP will be indeed your truly happiest memories. Just book now to bring your dream to reality.

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