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Unforgettable Dream Wedding at KEP Phuket

Romantic wedding at KEP

Wedding at KEP

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in a lovely and photogenic atmosphere supported by natural light and nature’s elements, KEP Phuket is the place you’ve been looking for. KEP is located at the shore of the Andaman sea near the Chalong Pier. The backdrops of the beautiful Andaman Sea and the tropical natural surroundings of KEP will create the most romantic outdoor wedding experiences and will produce long-lasting memories for you and your partner. You may breathe the pure air of the sea, causing you, your friends, and your families to relax and relieve stress. KEP received good reviews from those who hosted their weddings at KEP too. You may also be confident that KEP’s culinary services will amaze all of your guests.

Wedding at KEP

Romantic Atmosphere

KEP’s beautiful huge garden and grass fields make the best wedding area for you. The open-air environment provides the bride and the groom with a sense of freedom; reducing tension and results in the best natural appearance and memories.  The restaurant color theme matches any set-up or mood you want to change for your wedding. KEP’s ambiance is modern with unique white space themes that create soothing and calm vibes which is the best place for a romantic setting.  At sunset, the sky above the Andaman Sea is stunning and colorful creating the most heartfelt scenery.  The green garden will also act as your natural background for your wedding photos. You can also dance with your lover in the garden after the dinner is finished.  After the dance, it’s time to cut the wedding cakes and share them with the guests.

Wedding dinner night at KEP

Capture-worthy environment 

KEP’s interior and exterior design is a blend of modern and natural elements. Most people choose the evening of the day for their wedding because they can get the moments of both days and nights. KEP also has a distinct beauty and feel on days and nights.  At night, yellow lighting and lanterns make you feel warm and excited. Those lights also act as a filter for your stunning photographs. You may surprise your lover with flowers and ground fireworks while capturing their real smiles and excitement.

You would like to want a photo of yourself kissing your lover when the sun sets over the Andaman Sea. You may want the group photos with your family and friends in the wide and beautiful garden. You can add flowers, balloons, and pre-wedding images to the yard and create photo places.  KEP has many photogenic spots inside and outside. You can also see the Kan Eang and Chalong Pier with boats in the sea as beautiful scenery background.  So, make sure to tell your photographer to capture every moment.

Wedding photo at KEP

Wide space and dreamlike decorations

KEP has a large space that can hold over 150 people max. You also don’t have to worry about your guests who require parking because KEP provides enough parking for both customers and guests. It offers stages, lights, and sound set-up to be efficient when planning your wedding. The wedding event is fully customizable so you can create the best as your imagination; adding your partner’s favorite flowers and a personalized photo booth for you two and anything you want. You can customize the catering menu based on dietary restrictions, and the wedding themes based on your cultural tradition and additional preferences. 

KEP restaurant Entrace

Having a wedding in the dream-like outdoor garden with the backdrop of the sea is like everyone’s dream. KEP is the chance to make your dreams come true. It is also a special chapter of your life and you might want that chapter to be the most exciting and romantic. Our best food, exceptional services, and outdoor space will support your wedding to your satisfaction. Book your perfect venue for a wedding via our email or phone call. You should reserve ahead of time to ensure that your preferred day and time are available. We are proud to be the start of your beautiful love journey. 

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