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Blues & Soul – Concert and Dinner Night at KEP Phuket

Blues & Soul dinner

KEP, home for music lovers

If you love great food and music, then come to KEP Phuket and enjoy some Blues and Soul music. You’ll enjoy once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences accompanied by fantastic music. It is a paradise and a home for music lovers. For those who love Blues and Soul music and want to soak yourself in the rhythms of the best music while having the best meal, KEP is the must-go place for you.

Soul & Blues concert dinner

Dinner with Melodies

Having dinner while listening to soul & blues music will fill you with a sense of encouragement and strong emotions and it will satisfy your ears. Also, KEP’s freshest and most delicious menu will satisfy your taste buds. KEP has blues and soul music live performances every Saturday. It’s free entry for everyone but you need to book it first if you want specific seating such as front-row. The show starts at 7:30 PM to till late so you can take your time enjoying the show and having dinner.  

A fantastic drink is the ideal accompaniment to the right music. KEP provides a wide selection of beverages for you. After dinner, you may relax and enjoy the entertainment while sipping on one of the menu’s distinctive cocktails, beer, or other beverages. Most individuals like Tequila or Whiskey while listening to Blues and Soul music. If you don’t drink alcohol, it’s still okay. KEP offers non-alcoholic menus including coffee, mocktails, milkshakes, KEP FRAPPE, and soft drinks. The best drink for the best music will vary from person to person. So, just order your favorite drinks for your favorite music.

dinner with melodies

Relaxing and ease vibes 

Each music genre takes you through diverse moods and emotions. It will also give you the strength to tackle your anxieties and challenges. Blues & Soul provide a sense of relaxation. They don’t hurt your ears and are the ideal accompaniment to dinner. Even those who don’t like the concert will enjoy the ease of blue and soul music at KEP. Blues & soul will soothe your spirit, while KEP’s most excellent meal will satisfy your appetite. KEP already has the vibes of relaxing and calm vibes. So, chill one night at KEP, all your weekday stress will disappear.

The relaxing music spreads in the atmosphere of KEP restaurant, and the faded yellow lights and disco lights add an exciting mood to the concert. As KEP is just at the shore of the Andaman Sea, you will also feel the gentle breeze of the sea while listening to music. That breeze will calm your soul and relax your mind. 

Those who want to chill with families or have a romantic time with partners will love this concert and dinner. This night is particularly ideal for honeymoon couples who wish to create lasting memories and have the most wonderful dining experiences. Singers also will give you songs that are perfect for dancing with your partner. Your dinner will be unique and make you have an enjoyable time.

blues and soul at KEP

Blues and Soul at KEP

The band of Max, Levi, Nine, and Austin, probably the best blues and soul band in Phuket entertained for the night last week. They also have a unique talent. Max is a world-class drummer. Levi is the vocalist who has god-like vocals. Nine is the guitar master. Austin is a rock and folk singer-guitarist. The stage is just in front of the dining area so you can immerse yourself in the music and feel the outstanding vocals and great energy from the band. Sometimes, the musician will come down from the stage and perform walking around the dining area. With their careful choice of music for you, you will find the best experience in the concert. 

For all music lovers who would like to enjoy dinner with blues and soul music, don’t forget to join us for the most enjoyable dinner. This dinner night will heal both your heart and soul. Just soak in the rhythms and beats of blues and soul music at KEP. Start and end your perfect evening at KEP restaurant in Phuket. You will remember this memorable dinner.  

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