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KEP: Best Restaurant To Chill with Friends

must-go destination for friends

Exploring the right restaurant for the friends group is quite challenging. Some plans are lost forever at this step. If you are looking for a decent restaurant to hand out with your pals, just google the KEP and book it right now. KEP restaurant has everything you need for a friend’s night out such as live music, good ambiance, and various meal choices making it the best restaurant to chill with friends in Chalong, Phuket. You can even host a birthday party for your friends at KEP too. 

relaxing ambiance for friends at KEP

Cozy and Comfortable Ambiance

You will notice the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere as soon as you arrive at KEP. You will also feel the calm and delightful vibes while you are having a great meal at KEP. It provides both indoor and outdoor eating options, delivering an outstanding dining experience in any setting. You can also request comfortable table arrangements for your friend’s group. Our staffs are charming with big smiles and always ready to help you to ensure an enjoyable time.

KEP’s broad and open-air structure makes it possible to have an open conversation with your friends. KEP is the right place to catch up on your friend’s life and share stories. You may watch the spectacular sunset over the Andaman Sea. If you visit on Sunday, you might enjoy listening to the relaxing sunset piano jazz at KEP.  You may also hear the rhythmic sounds of the ocean’s waves accompanying the piano jazz. You can just have a chit-chat or sit back and relax with your friends while enjoying the magnificent panorama of the Andaman Sea.

photo-worthy areas for friends at KEP

Wide Menu Selection for Friends Group

The menu is a common issue when picking a restaurant with friends. Considering the types of cuisine everyone likes is quite difficult. Some people enjoy seafood, while others avoid it. Some people enjoy foreign food, while others prefer Japanese.

Don’t worry if your group is picky or has different tastes and preferences. KEP offers Mediterranean, International, and Japanese food. You can also choose a variety of drink selections too.  KEP has its own signature cocktails and modern classic cocktails to make a perfect drink after your meal. It also has mocktails, fruit shakes, and soda juices if you are deciding on non-alcoholic drinks.

Plenty of Photogenic Spots

 There are also Instagram-worthy photo shoot areas which are perfect for capturing memorable moments with your friends. The restaurant’s excellent lighting and bright décor make every corner photo-worthy. Don’t forget to gather your group and snap some photos to remember the moments forever.

live music at KEP

Satisfying Live Music 

 KEP has a live music band every night. If you and your friends are music enthusiasts, you will surely love the KEP live band. Famous singers frequently sing here for the wonderful night. So, toss the glass, live in the moment, and soak in the music. Make quality moments with your friends. Sometimes, you can request a song or even dance according to the song. KEP announces what will be performed on that given night. Every Saturday, Blues & Souls Band performs the night and Sunday is the day for the sunset piano jazz. So you and your buddies may decide when you will go. 

wide menus for friends group at KEP

So, if you’re planning a trip to the nicest restaurants with your buddies, keep the KEP in mind. Remember to reserve ahead of time to prevent delays and ensure a seamless experience for everybody. We always welcome you with music, a serene and pleasant ambiance, and a variety of menu options. 

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