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Delight in Premium Dry-Aged Fish Flavors

dry-aged fish meals at KEP

You haven’t had the greatest-tasting fish until you’ve tried the dry-aged fish at KEP. Dry-aged meat is also known as the king of meat because dry-aged meat is softer and has a unique flavor that is different from typical meat. Once you have arrived at KEP, dry-aged fish is the must-try dish you should not miss out on.

Benefits of Dry-aging Fish

Just like aging a great piece of beef, aging fish helps intensify the flavor and improve the texture of the meat. As fish age, amino acid chains break down, and this process creates the rich, umami flavor that makes these dishes so appealing. Dry aging also improves the texture of the fish as it breaks down muscle fibers, making the fish more tender and giving it a unique, buttery texture. 

Fresh fish cannot compete with the depth of flavor and luxurious texture that dry-aged fish offers. Properly dry-aged fish can have a longer shelf life compared to fresh fish, as the controlled environment reduces moisture, which in turn slows down bacterial growth.

Not only does dry-aged fish elevate texture, taste, and aroma, but it also gives the finest health benefits. Dry-aged fishes improve digestibility as their muscle fibers are broken down during the process and it also helps the guts help. Its naturally enhanced flavors reduce the need for added seasonings such as salts and fats. Aging concentrates nutrients like omega-3s, vitamins D and B12, and minerals.

dry-aged-fish menu

KEP’s Dry-aged fish Menus

You will find diverse kinds of dry-aged dishes at KEP.  If you like grilled food, try the grilled dry-aged fish. The coral trout is aged for 7 days, enhancing its delicate sweet flavors and making it even more tender and delicious. If you would like to try the taste of the Andaman, you can try the fish crudo and fish carpaccio which highlight the fresh, clean flavors of the Andaman sea. 

The Andaman White fish is aged for 7 days and served with homemade sauce. If you would like to try something new you can try the Dry Aged fish croissant and dry-aged fish black ink spaghetti.  If you like toast, you can also try the KEP’s open toast which is served with dry-aged  Andaman Whitefish, roasted vegetables, and caviar crostini. For those who are into culinary adventures, there are also pizza and sushi rolls made from dry-aged fish.

Chef Chaii's inspiration of dry-aged fishe

Inspirations of Chef Chaii

Dry-aged fish menus are specially crafted by our resident chef Chaii who has 10  years of experience working with COMO and ACCOR groups. He got his cooking passion from his grandmother from early childhood. He likes to create new menus and varieties of dry-aged fish dishes. his creations. Chef Chaii said, “Once you have a taste, your understanding of fresh fish will forever be changed.” Now you can dine a combination of European, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines with signature Dry Aged fish at KEP.

dry-aged fish at KEP

Making the best dry-aged dishes

We care for every detail and process to present the best dry-aged menu to our customers. Firstly, we have to choose high-quality and fresh fish. Fishes like Tuna, Salmon, and Andaman White Fish that include fatty acids are ideal for making the best dry-aged fish. The fish is typically gutted, cleaned, and sometimes fileted. It’s essential to remove as much moisture as possible to prevent spoilage and promote the aging process.

The fish is placed in a controlled environment with specific temperature (usually between 32-39°F or 0-4°C) and humidity levels (around 60-85%). The aging period can vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of fish and the desired result. Typically, 7-21 days is common.

The process of aging fish requires the same controlled environment where the temperature and humidity levels are carefully monitored. So, we use the aging machine to get the best quality of the fish. At KEP, you can walk around and even explore the dry aging machine. 

If you are ready to try the best dry-aged fish in Phuket, don’t forget to come to KEP and enjoy your delightful cuisine. With the diverse cuisines and expertly crafted meals, we ensure you will be satisfied with your dining experience at KEP.  So, reserve your tables via line, messenger, websites, or phone call and create your most tasteful and luxurious dinner at KEP.

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